A woman of many voices.

Chances are you’ve already heard Tami speak. Her voice can be heard on national radio and television advertising, corporate phone messaging, and more. She’s a professional voiceover actor and you won’t believe her variety of deliveries. (Yes, all of those voices you hear on the demo pieces really do belong to her!) Tami’s voiceover work extends beyond ads and on-hold phone marketing. She turns your boring memo or policy document into an engaging audio offering. She makes your training film or webinar come to life with lively narration. Tami even coaches executives on ways to use their voice so they come across with more confidence and creativity on corporate announcements. If nothing else, just call Tami to say hello. Her voice will make your day better!



Oh. But there’s more…

Just when you thought Tami’s offerings had been exhausted, she hits you with a list of the other amazing things she can offer. She really does do it all! 



  • Video Messages
  • Social Media Interaction
  • PowerPoint Creation
  • Structured Networking
  • Ice-Breaker Design
  • Announcer
  • Custom Games & Exercises            
  • Character Portrayal
  • Live Resume or Biography production 
  • Employee Celebration Films
  • Conference Planning Assistance
    • Theme Design
    • Logo Creation
    • Décor
    • Agenda Development
    • Speech Writing
    • Presentation Coaching

Click below to hear a sampling of Tami’s many voices!